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Post-Tension Systems & MaterialsValue Engineering &
Design Services
Barrier CablesCable System Repairs, Renovations & StrengtheningPTE Shear Reinforcement Systems

Post-tension construction company specializing in post-tensioning system packages,
project planning, engineering, manufacturing & site assistance services

PTE Strand's focus is to provide value engineering with the re- design of conventional concrete structural plans to include the value and strength of post-tensioning. We offer a full range of services and products by applying our skills to large construction endeavors while remaining flexible enough to accommodate small and intermediate size projects. From parking garages and bridges to towering office buildings, vacation clubs, and hotel resort wonders we continually push the construction envelope. Having successfully completed countless square feet of post-tensioning construction structures we offer engineering expertise, state-of- the-art-equipment and unparalleled service to assure durable and cost-effective structures.
Applications Include - But Are Not Limited To:
Elevated Structural
Slabs & Beams
Slabs-on-gradeMat FoundationsTransfer GirdersParking Garage
Barrier Cables
Bridges, Tanks and
Other Related Work
Value Engineering
Jobsite Technical assistance
& Troubleshooting
Project ManagementDesign Assistance &
Engineering Support
Post-tension Repair &
Cost AnalysisExpert ConsultingPost-tension Bars for Columns
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